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Grand Chiropractic Gubei center moved to new address

The 1st chiropractic center for spine and nerves of Grand Chiropractic was opened at No. 676 on Golden Walkway in 2014.   In order to provide a more professional and comfortable environment, Gubei center was relocated at No. 537 on Golden Walkway and reopened on Apr. 18, 2021.

During the seven years since it’s opening, Grand Chiropractic has focused on the popularization and service of chiropractic, and has helped more than 1500 people restore the health and vitality of the spine. We firmly believes that chiropractic is a safe, effective and friendly treatment, which is worth sharing with more people.

As always, Gubei center adopted new design, with blue as the main color and light green as the match, presenting the “chiropractic is a natural and safe traditional green treatment” implied in the company’s new logo.  Adjustment beds, chiropractic gun, massage machine and other equipments were imported from US, including millions of computer controlled DT produced from US, aiming to provide the most pure chiropractic service for patients.