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Health Talk at Will’s Fitness Stuido

On Apr. 7, 2021, our chiropractor was invited to Will’s fitness Changning branch to give a special topic entitled “on-site judgment and subsequent treatment for sports injuries”.

As the professional requirements of fitness coaches, our chiropractor focused on the judgment of injuries after sports injuries, as well as on-site treatment standards, and systematically introduced the practical application of chiropractic in sports injuries.  In Europe and US, many professional and amateur athletes use chiropractic as a necessary means of rehabilitation after injury, combined with other medical treatment.  In daily exercise, regular chiropractic treatment for correction and repair of the relevant parts of the spine was used, in order to achieve the best state of movement.  Through the talk, the coaches learned that chiropractic can not only correct the spinal pain, but also can improve the safety and effectiveness of sports.  At the same time, it is also of great help for body shaping.

According to the specific needs of fitness activities, Grand Chiropractic was actively preparing with Logan University to introduce fitness prevention and rehabilitation special courses to provide training, treatment, rehabilitation and other package services for Will’s fitness.