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Service Items

Chiropractic treatment plays a significant role in a series of symptoms caused by disc misalignment and spinal facet joint disorder.

Full Spine Correction

Cervical Problem


– Headache; dizziness, ear ring, decreased vision.


– Shoulder and neck pain; Upper limb numbness and radiation pain.

Thoracic Problem


– Intervertebral disc herniation; Hump caused by stenosis of intervertebral space.


– Chest tightness and palpitation; indigestion.


– Interscapular pain; Intercostal neuralgia.


– Radiation abdominal pain; Abdominal wall pain.

Lumbar Problem


– Lumbar disc herniation; Pain in the lower back.


– Persistent dull pain of waist; Spasmodic pain.


– Radiation pain, numbness and intermittent claudication of lower limbs.


– Abnormal defecation.

Pre / post pregnancy care & Rehabilitation


 Examination and adjustment of spine before pregnancy.


– Low back pain during pregnancy.


– Protrusion of lower abdomen caused by postpartum pelvic anteversion.


– Postpartum disc herniation / herniation.

Screening and correction of adolescent scoliosis


 The shoulders deviate from the midline and the spine is unequal in height.


– Shoulder blades are high and low, and bilateral backs are asymmetric when bending forward.


– The pelvis is inclined to form false long and short legs and splayed feet.


– Girls have asymmetric chest development and thoracic deformity.