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Development status of Chiropractic

 In 1897, Daniel David Palmer established the Palmer chiropractic college and the chiropractic society.  After development, Chiropractic has a high status in European and American countries.  American federal laws allow Chiropractor to practice Chiropractic treatment in 50 states in the United States, and more and more countries have issued practicing licenses to chiropractor.  Chiropractic has been included in the medical health and medical assistance act and the medical insurance act of the United States.  The Doctor degree of chiropractic is awarded by the U.S. Department of education. The College of chiropractic is recognized as a professional medical teaching institution by the U.S. Council of higher education. Chiropractor can practice medicine independently.


 The Committee on chiropractic education (CCE) was formally established in 1971, and then was rated as a certification body for chiropractic specialty by the US Department of education and the US Department of health, education and welfare.  All CCE accredited colleges teach a wide range of courses, including basic science, clinical science and clinical practice.


 In 2005, the World Health Organization officially published the official guide of Chiropractic, and began to promote Chiropractic to the world.


 At present, there are 17 Chiropractic colleges or universities in the United States. The students admitted are generally required to have a bachelor’s degree, with a four-year academic system.  Upon graduation, they are awarded a Doctor degree in Chiropractic.  After graduation, a doctor has to pass four national level examinations.  Only after passing the examinations can he be qualified to participate in the license examinations of various states and obtain a medical license.


 Thirty eight countries and regions in the world have passed legislation to formally confirm the position of spinal specialty in their medical system.  Among these 38 countries, the United States has the largest team of chiropractors.