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The development process of integration of production, learning and research

CHIROPRACTIC Medical Investment Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established

CHIROPRACTIC Gubei Center opened

CHIROPRACTIC Shanghai Center Open

CHIROPRACTIC Lujiazui Center Open

CHIROPRACTIC investors signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Logan University

CHIROPRACTIC Investors and Logan University signed a joint venture agreement

CHIROPRACTIC investors, Logan University and Shanghai Health Medical College have established a tripartite cooperation relationship

The medical clinic affiliated to Logan University and Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine form a friendly cooperative partner

CHIROPRACTIC brought the representative team of its partner, Logan University, to Shanghai Oriental Green Boat Sports Training Base

Cooperative Partner


 American chiropractic originated in the United States. There are 17 professional chiropractic universities in the United States, of which Logan University, founded in 1935, ranks second in the United States.

 In 2017, CHIROPRACTIC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Logan University, which received more professional technical support and became an internship base. At the same time, creatively introduce university courses. Shanghai College of Health Medicine, through the undergraduate, master and doctoral teaching channels. After trying to communicate with Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai Institute of Sports Science, Canopy is committed to the integrated development of teaching and training, research and development, and market promotion.

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